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Yoga with Noor Moody

Instructor: Noor Moody
Pricing: $15 Walk-in, $60 for 5 Classes, $100 for 10 Classes

No Classes until 2019

Monday at 10 am

Refresh your mind, body and soul with a yoga class. Yoga is said to aide in digestion, improve balance, flexibility and posture, tone and strengthen muscles and much more. Discipline, meditation and posing are key factors in gaining the benefits of better health through regular yoga classes. Learn the right way to breathe, strengthen your core, and meditate. Noor will guide you through a series of relaxing and strengthening techniques.

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Noor Moody–

Yoga Teacher, Certified Phoenix Rising Therapist, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. Noor has been a student/ teacher of Yoga since 1978. She graduated from Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in 1995 and is currently a retired Physical Therapy Assistant in Georgia.

Noor has conducted and presented Yoga, meditation and breath work to a number of public and private organizations interested in physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Noor instructs to all populations including Creative Movement Classes for children and Prenatal Classes.  She was a faculty member of The Center for the Reversal of Heart Disease Program in Orlando, Florida.

Along with excellent instruction, Noor creates a safe environment for personal development, health, and spiritual well-being, through the practice of Yoga.

Instructor: Heather Huck
Pricing: $15 Walk-in, $60 for 5 Classes, $100 for 10 Classes

Tues & Thurs at 9 am

A hatha yoga flow class, linking movement with breath at a fairly steady pace. Not too fast, not too slow. There is less detailed instruction and more fluidity. In a flow class, we have the opportunity to work our minds and bodies in a different way by focusing on consistent movement combined with the use of our breath to carry us through the practice. It’s fun, challenging and makes your brain use different muscles!

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Heather Huck, E-RYT200,  RYT500

Heather has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and teaching for 15. She is a member of the Yoga Alliance, most recently receiving her 500 hour advanced certification. Heather has had the honor and opportunity to study with and learn from many remarkable teachers. She is deeply grateful for their guidance and continues to study the art and science of yoga, as it is a never-ending unfoldment and evolution. She aspires to guide students inward, toward their courage, and wisdom, in a supportive, caring, fun, and adventurous way.