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Heather Huck Yoga

Instructor: Heather Huck
Pricing: $15 Walk-in, $60 for 5 Classes, $100 for 10 Classes

Tues & Thurs at 9 am

Yoga Basics (Tues): A yoga class including alignment, modifications, variations and transitions of basic, fundamental yoga poses. These foundational poses build strength, flexibility and endurance, as well as mind-body awareness. Excellent for managing stress!

Yoga Flow~ A Group Practice (Thur): In this class, I’ll practice alongside you, so we’re all in it together! Guidance and instruction are given, but there is less emphasis on alignment, more on fluidity. We transition into and out of poses at a fairly steady pace, using the breath to link our movements. This class is not intended for beginners, anyone with chronic pain, or an injury.


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Heather Huck, E-RYT200,  RYT500

Heather has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and teaching for 15. She is a member of the Yoga Alliance, most recently receiving her 500 hour advanced certification. Heather has had the honor and opportunity to study with and learn from many remarkable teachers. She is deeply grateful for their guidance and continues to study the art and science of yoga, as it is a never-ending unfoldment and evolution. She aspires to guide students inward, toward their courage, and wisdom, in a supportive, caring, fun, and adventurous way.

Qigong  (Super Moon) Spring Transitation

Dr Jennifer Johnston is back!


Qigong is an physical movement practice that activates and unlocks the body’s potential to heal itself. I teach Wu Ming Qigong. It is one of the most powerful healing modalities used to create better body & mind balance. When Qigong is practiced consistently it can help to balance the mind-body connection, resolve physical and emotional issues, and even deepen one’s connection to nature. With its deep impact on the body’s energy, Qigong has been used for hundreds of years as a foundation for healing. Practice allows energy to be stimulated at a cellular level as deep physical changes are initiated. In fact, people are often stunned by unexpected shifts in their health and emotional states, especially when the outcome was not part of their primary focus for the practice. Once the body’s energetic wisdom is stimulated the possibilities are endless.

Super Moon:

From a natural healing perspective, a full moon represents a powerful energy which unites every living being on Earth. The full moon is Nature’s way of achieving better balance for our physical and emotional well-being. A Super Moon takes place when a full moon is near its closest approach to Earth. This means that the healing power of the full moon is intensified during a Super Moon. The moon relates to the water element and the winter season, which makes this event especially powerful. So in the days surrounding the March Super Moon, embrace the essence of the water element - be peaceful, sit quietly and rest, and stay warm. Please take time to observe this incredible Super Moon on March 9th and stand in the healing power that fills the sky.

Spring Transition:

Winter is drawing to a close, but cold temperatures are still around. Do you want to play outside or stay inside in your warm pajamas? When winter arrives, Nature begins to prepare for the cold - trees lose their leaves & birds fly south. Cold temperatures slow everything down. Nature enters a period of hibernation in order to have enough energy for Spring growth. Our bodies follow the same path as nature. We must rest in Winter so our energy can emerge healthy and strong in Spring. Spring begins in the midst of what we consider Winter. Think about the Daffodils popping their heads out of the ground. The temperature is still cold, yet a flower has bloomed. Energy has already pushed upward and outward to create new life. Within you, there is the same energy moving up and outward. Deep imbalances are often seen during these extreme shifts in temperature as physical and emotional symptoms. Discover how to maintain balance and create deep health during seasonal times of transition by practicing Qigong and incorporating simple healthy habits.

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