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Gilmer Arts Community Theatre is a vibrant local showcase for regional talent in the theatre arts. We feature the works of actors, writers, dancers, musicians, and many talented technical designers who create the magic and beauty of the theatre sets, lighting and sound which all come together to make a magical theatrical experience!

Foundations of Acting – A Children’s Drama Workshop

Greater Tuna Does Vegas – Live Theatre

Storyteller's Registration

Storytelling describes the social activity of sharing stories. Crucial story elements are plots, characters, and surprising angles. The term storytelling may refer to the verbal telling of stories, and in a broader sense to the techniques used in media to tell the story of a company or product.

In marketing and design, storytelling is also used as a technique to gain insight into users, build empathy with users, and gain emotional access. With stories, designers use themes, staging, plots, and other techniques to increase the attractiveness of their offer.

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  • You only need to attend one audition session, unless you are also invited to a callback for more intense work with the director
  • Bring a headshot if you have one - you will not have your photo returned to you
  • Bring an acting resume if you have one; this is not required, but it will save you paperwork time
  • Be prepared to notate ALL of your calendar conflicts for the entire rehearsal/performance schedule, including specific dates and times
  • Be prepared to do a read from the script; the script will be provided for you
  • For musicals, be prepared to sing a cut of a memorized song (Check the audition information for specific requirements as they are different for each production)
  • For musicals, dress in appropriate clothing and be prepared to learn a short dance routine (no flip-flops!)
  • Auditions may take a few minutes or a few hours; be prepared to stay the entire time, you will be notified when it is okay to leave

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