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Keep your calendar clear: Every season and every day in Ellijay Gilmer Arts brings something new and exciting. We have workshops for budding writers, storytelling for poets, songwriters and storytellers as well as events that allows you to meet well-known local authors authors.

Meet Ellijay's Authors

Each year, usually in late March and occasionally at other times throughout the year, Gilmer Arts hosts a Meet the Authors event.  This event varies from year to year, including nationally, regionally and locally known authors and writers. It includes book signings by well-known authors, workshops, presentations and other events of literary interest.  Featured guests authors have included award-winning authors Raymond L. Atkins, Kelly Bingham, Michael K. Brown, Lynn Cullen, and Victoria Wilcox.

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Write On Ellijay!

Write On! is a reinvigorated writing group, which meets once a month (the 4th Thursday) at 6:00 pm at Gilmer Arts. Led by award-winning children’s author, Kelly Bingham, its members meet to share drafts and manuscripts, discuss writing approaches and talk through writers’ block, among other things. There is no requirement to sign up, but if you are new to the group, call Gilmer Arts at 706 635-5605, and let them know you are coming. If you have questions.

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Writer's Workshop

Gilmer Arts hosts one or two writers’ workshops each year, featuring locally or regionally known authors.  These include manuscript critiques for previously submitted manuscripts, practical tips for how to get your work started, completed and published, presentations on specific components of writing, and hands-on workshops with writing exercises.

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Storyteller's Registration

Storytelling describes the social activity of sharing stories. Crucial story elements are plots, characters, and surprising angles. The term storytelling may refer to the verbal telling of stories, and in a broader sense to the techniques used in media to tell the story of a company or product.

In marketing and design, storytelling is also used as a technique to gain insight into users, build empathy with users, and gain emotional access. With stories, designers use themes, staging, plots, and other techniques to increase the attractiveness of their offer.

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Our Local Storytellers

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