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Thank you for your interest in posting to the Gilmer Arts Blog. Once your blog post is accepted, it will be live on our website in the section that corresponds to the category you select. Please take time to read the following guidelines. If your post does not follow these guidelines it will not be posted, as we do not have time to edit blog posts.
Posting Guidelines
  1. You must be a member, sponsor, advertiser or contributor to post to the blog.
  2. You must be logged in to submit your blog post.
  3. All posts must be directly or indirectly about Gilmer County issues and events.
  4. No political, ideological, hateful or inappropriate speech.
  5. We reserve the right to reject any post.
  6. Submit your post to the correct category.
  7. Maximum of three short tags.
  8. Use proper punctuation & grammar.
  9. Minimum of 350 words and a Maximum of 1000 words.
  10. Do not create posts that shamelessly plug yourself or your business. (Tasteful, informational plugs are encouraged)
  11. Your post must add value, information or insight.
  12. No outside links to other websites. (Instant post deletion)
  13. ONE Facebook or internal Gilmer Arts link is allowed.
  14. Maximum Image height 500px.(Instant post deletion)
  15. DO NOT REPEAT THE SAME CONTENT (For example: if you already have an event posted on the website do not repeat the same headline and verbiage. Create an entirely new post that compliments your event by adding information not covered in the event.)



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