Yoga Flow With Heather

George Link, Jr. Gilmer Arts Playhouse 135 Dalton St, Ellijay

Instructor: Heather Huck Pricing: $15 Walk-in, $60 for 5 Classes, $100 for 10 Classes A hatha yoga flow class, linking movement with breath at a fairly steady pace. Not too fast, not too slow. There is less detailed instruction and more fluidity. In a flow class, we have the opportunity to work our minds and bodies in a different way


Stained Glass with Warren – Beginner

Gilmer Arts - Link Class Room 207 Dalton St., Ellijay

Register for this Class! Instructor: Warren Acree Pricing: $80* + $45 supply fee 2 days a week for 2 weeks. In this course, a beginner student will construct 2 designs. The first will consists of straight lines and angles and the second incorporating curves.