Gilmer Arts Business Sponsors

Become a Business Sponsor or Donor for Gilmer Arts.

Sponsorships and memberships are for local businesses and individuals who would like to support the arts in Gilmer County, while getting free perks and discounts.

Our sponsorship packages below are designed to help you advance your business interests, build brand awareness, and open up opportunities for customer cultivation and employee recognition in and around Ellijay. Being known as a business that supports the arts is sure to add to brand recognition and brand loyalty among local and out of town customers.

So, we invite you to join us with other civic-minded companies as we continue our commitment to great art, music and theatre in Ellijay. Your support will help Gilmer Arts continue to deliver quality theatre, concerts, arts and drama education, children’s programs and the many other programs enhancing Ellijay Life here in Gilmer County.

Membership Details

Member Discount15%15%15%15%15%15%
Playhouse Event Tickets 466888
Playhouse Early Entry
Advanced Ticketing
Free Gallery Exhibits
Gift Memberships246688
Playhouse playbills
Playhouse lobby monitor
Playhouse playbills1/4 page
1/2 Page
Full Page
Full Page
Full Page
Supporter of the Arts plaquen/a
Footer / Margin Logon/an/a
Full Page Ad displayn/an/an/a
Gilmer Arts Print Adsn/an/an/a
Event Sponsorn/an/an/an/a
Free Facility Rentaln/an/an/an/an/a
Choose Your VIP Access to the Arts
Memberships, sponsorships, and donations are the lifeblood that helps Gilmer Arts bring sensational talent and meaningful art experiences to Gilmer County.

Choose your membership level and enjoy 12 months of VIP Member benefits and discounts.

Membership Details

IndividualsCouplesFamily+ Friends
Member Discounts on event tickets, gallery purchases, classes, and facility rental10%10%10%15%
Free Playhouse Event Tickets 1244
Members-only Early Entry to Playhouse Events
Advance Notice of Upcoming Events and Exhibits
Free Admission to Gallery Exhibits
Membership Privileges at Family Level includes 2 adults and children up to age 17 n/an/a
Free Gift Memberships at Individual annual level for you to give away!n/an/an/a

Come Join the Fun!

Come Join the Fun!

Become a member of the The Artists’ Guild

Membership in The Artists’ Guild of Gilmer Arts allows you to build your own personal art gallery on the Gilmer Arts website.  Describe, display and sell your work online! Your Gilmer Arts personal online gallery can include:

  • Art gallery with Up to 20 images
  • A full artist bio
  • Contact information
  • Social media contacts
  • YouTube video
  • 10% Discounts across the board
  • Discounted entry fees
  • Early event entry
  • Sell products through Gilmer Arts (coming soon)

Membership Details

+ Individual
+ Couples
+ Family
Artists Directory Listing
Member Discounts10%10%10%
Free Playhouse Event Tickets 124
Members-only Early Entry
Advance Notice of Events
Free Admission to Exhibits
Membership Privilegesn/an/a
Free Gift Membershipsn/an/an/a
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