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Shining Through By Keith Burgess – Framed Painting

Valued at: $1200

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Shining Through By Keith Burgess – Framed Painting – Estimated Value – $1200 – Oil on Linen Framed 18×24
Award winning Artist and Teacher


Keith Burgess – Artist Bio:


  I am a fine artist working primarily in oil. I have received numerous one-man gallery shows, commissions, awards, and I also teach. My formal art education began at Valdosta State University under Irene Dodd (daughter of the famous Lamar Dodd) and continued at Georgia Southwestern State University where I earned a B. A. Degree. After college I began a long career as a graphic artist/illustrator for a major publishing corporation in Atlanta. Though I set aside painting during the early part of my corporate career, the urge to paint again lead me to pursue a fine art career on a serious level in the early 1990’s. I then began studying with nationally renowned artists on a regular basis. In 2003 I left the corporate world to pursue my passion for painting full time. I reside in the mountains of north Georgia, USA.


     I paint because I have to. Art is the only thing in life I have ever been any good at and it is what I was born to do. Though I have spent many years painting and drawing in front of the Human form, the landscape is my true passion. I find in the landscape a kind of spirituality and primal truth. I feel most alive and in tune with nature when I am out in the open air painting (“en plein aire”, as the French say), which I first began as a teenager. I am honored to place myself among those representational painters before me who have carried on this honored tradition. From a young age I have been attracted to the early Impressionists, especially Monet, and continue to be influenced by their methods and theories. What attracts me to a particular scene is a pleasing arrangement of shapes and color created by the play of luminous light and shadow, usually found at the beginning and end of day. The best advice I ever got as an artist was to ‘squint’ at my subject.


     If you are interested in a commissioned painting or private mentoring please contact me at:


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