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Ruffles and Ridges By Elly Hobgood – Framed Giclee Print

Valued at: $325

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Ruffles and Ridges By Elly Hobgood – Framed Giclee Print – Estimated Value – $325 – Giclee 28×34

Elly Hobgood – Artist Bio:

For thirty years, my work in nursing was my passion.   With retirement I found time to let my soul breathe and I began to see the world for the first time as color, texture and shapes.  I keep a camera with me because I’m always finding images in nature that I want to save.

Watercolor has become the new driving force in my life. Folks who saw my paintings in the early years often said that my paintings “made them smile.”  That was all it took – I was hooked!  A day without painting now feels like an empty day.

My paintings most often begin through the lens of my camera.  I grew up on a farm and have spent many years gardening.  Flowers and rural scenes seem to come out of my paintbrush with little effort.  Nowadays I travel the back roads and I’ve often put my car in the ditch to capture a special moment with my camera. I will combine images to make the best statement – but I find color and texture to be the language that speaks best for me.



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