Live Music – Acoustic Blends

These are free events open to the public, and open to all Musicians who want to play on stage, play along in the front row, or for those who just want to come for a good time….  It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!!!

Live Music – Acoustic Blends

These are free events open to the public, and open to all Musicians who want to play on stage, play along in the front row, or for those who just want to come for a good time….  It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!!!

Note Starting in April 2018 event starts at 6:00 PM

Auditions for Winter Dinner Theatre – Brothers Grimm Spectulathon

Announcing Auditions for the Winter Dinner Theater – The Brothers Grimm Spectulathon directed by Debbi Friend

Monday – Wednesday, October 23- 25, 2017 5:30 to 7:30 pm

This hilarious play is about two narrators and various actors who attempt to act out and combine the classic fairy tales of Snow White, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, and more into one huge narrative!  It’s a wild and wacky PG-13 mashup of your favorites. There are parts for between 5 and 32 actors. Either male or female actors can play characters.

So if you have ever wanted to be in a play this could be the perfect vehicle for you to take on a small role. Or if you are veteran of the stage this could be your chance to play multiple characters.

The play will be at the new George Link, Jr. Gilmer Arts Playhouse on last weekend in January and the first weekend in February. Tony Saavedra of Country Corner Kitchen is catering the event and has said he will feed the actors each night of the performance!

Yoga Happy Hour

Instructor: Heather Huck
Pricing: $15 Walk-in, $60 for 5 Classes, $100 for 10 Classes

Come join us after work for an alignment- based, mindful hatha yoga practice that will decrease the stress of the day, increase body awareness and mental focus, improve posture and help you sleep better at night.
Self-care is essential to our quality of life. Give yourself the gift of some time to unwind. You, and everyone in your life, will be happier!

Class – Acrylics – Holiday Door

Instructor: Gwen Kenneally
Pricing: $60 Non-member/$54 Member
Bring a potluck lunch dish.

This decorated red door shouts”Welcome”. The class is acrylic painting on watercolor paper. We will focus on the inviting red door with detailed lines from accents. The background is brick and stone. As evergreen tree adds balance. Snow compliments the various pieces of the subject. Come enjoy painting!

Learn to control acrylic paints on watercolor paper. Focus on creating a brick/stone facade with shading and shaping.

The inviting red door is the focal point, enhanced with micron pen, snow-tex for texture in snow, how to control and enhance the texture medium.

Supplies Needed:


  • 1″ Flat
  • 1/4″ flat
  • 0/0 liner
  • #3 Black Micron pen
  • Stylus
  • Fan or comb or rake brush

Other Supplies:

  • Palette Knife
  • Eraser
  • #2 Pencil
  • Stylus or use pen
  • Blue Painters tape
  • Basin for water to clean brushes
  • Paper Towels
  • Transfer paper

Instructor will provide canvas and paint.

Playhouse – Thomas Fountain Band

2014 Male Georgia Country Artist of the Year

Show @ 7:30 PM

Life is defined by journeys and Thomas’ have translated to raw and honest songs.

Thomas has quickly developed a reputation for writing and singing timeless truths –building believers one show at a time. With his rugged-raspy, passionate delivery,Fountain brings a live show to audiences that undoubtedly gets fans on their feet andemotions rushing.  Fountain was born and raised in the mountains of North Georgia. The music that hasinfluenced him as a singer songwriter is well rooted in the past. However, he has takenthat vintage edge and blended it with a distinct modern sound.Thomas’ first single “FLOAT” from the debut self-titled EP, gained him terrestrial anddigital radio recognition in media outlets rapidly. Not long after that, Thomas released hissingle “Just Like You”. With the success of both songs, both garnered Thomas to befeatured on NBC’s, “Atlanta and Company” and nationally known Jezebel Magazine.Additionally, Thomas was named the 2014 Male Georgia Country Artist of the Year. In November 2016, Thomas released his most recent single “Sometimes God Whispers”landing him the number one voted upcoming local artist on station – 94.9 The BullBackyard Country series. The music video garnered over 1 million Facebook viewsin just over a month of it’s release. Fans have responded to the song with stories of howthe words translate to their personal lives and experiences.

“I grew up in the North Georgia mountains loving fishing and chasing deer duringhunting season because that’s what I loved to do (and still do today). Everybody shouldtake a trip to north Georgia; you gotta see it for yourself. Living in north Georgiadefinitely shaped my songwriting. I grew up in a small town with a large loving family andstrict but loving parents. They wanted to make sure we did the right things, but alsotaught us how to love. Not just each other but to be good to the common everyday man.I still remember my dad teaching me to be kind to everyone, even those against you. Hesaid you’ll never know when in life you may have to go ask that man for a favor and he’llremember what you did for him. I have found that to be true. So, in a sense, I think that’swhy I’m so connected to my fans. They see that I genuinely care that they took time outof their busy schedules to help me or attend a show.With 2017 here, Thomas is set to record new music with the continuation of his style ofmusic and songwriting that is generating national interest. “I’ve got six guys in a van andwe’ll be traveling all across the U.S. playing country music and connecting with newfans. I hope to see y’all out there.”

Yoga Lab: : Digging into Downward Facing Dog Pose

Instructor: Heather Huck
Pricing: $25

“Take downward dog”, “Come into your dog pose”, “Rest in down dog”, “Down dog is a resting pose”…


These phrases are so common. I’m guilty of saying a couple myself… before I knew better. If you are a yoga practitioner or teacher, you’ve heard it and probably said it too. I have stopped calling it a resting pose. In a flow class you move through it quickly and repetitively. In a regular yoga class it is usually passed over as a way to get to or from another pose, used as a quick warm up in Sun Salutations or even a standalone warm up pose, but rarely does it get the attention it deserves. To be fair, it is challenging to give it that attention in a regular yoga class. Over time, with repetition, and without a solid understanding of what the pose requires from us, Downward Facing Dog can lead to damage in joints, most commonly the shoulders. The Downward Facing Dog posture is a wonderful full-body pose requiring a good balance of strength and flexibility, effort and surrender. Some of its many benefits include strengthening the hands, arms, shoulders, legs and back, stretching the entire back of the body, chest and shoulders, as well as being an inversion. We will cover optimal alignment; common misalignments and trouble shoot with modifications. Then we’ll play with different variations of the posture from strengthening to restorative. You will be able to use this information as you go forward in your yoga practice, whether at home or in a yoga class. Look forward to an informative, but fun, and adventurous yoga experience!

No reservations for this class will be taken without payment. It fills up fast so sign up now!

Playhouse – The Great American Rock ‘n Roll Revival Featuring Butch & the Buckheads Plus Elvis

Two Shows 6:30 pm and 9:00 pm

“What? Again? I thought old-time Rock ‘n Roll was gone forever.”


Move over, Hip-Hop, ’cause we’re fixin’ to Bop Around the Clock!

When Butch Evans asked Damon Hendrix (amazing Elvis tribute artist) and The Sock Hops (fabulous vocal harmonizers) to join him for an all-out Rock ‘n Roll Extravaganza five years ago, he had no idea that his brainstorm would blossom into The Great American Rock ‘n Roll Revival, with performances in several states, or that their fun-filled music would keep them invited back for five years running- with sold-out shows becoming the norm!
Discussing the success of his Blast from the Past, MC Tony Baloney says “It’s like we’re reliving the movie ‘American Hot Wax!’ When Rock ‘n Roll was born, it was in small theaters with people dancing in the aisles, and now it’s happening all over again!”

50’s, 60’s and 70’s Rock ‘n Roll has a place in everyone’s heart, but it’s rare to find it being performed live any more. Butch and the Buckheads, Damon Hendrix and the fabulous Sock Hops have stuck to their guns for many years, and now bring their experience, enthusiasm and showmanship to the stage together in The Great American Rock ‘n Roll Revival.

Appearing with such notables as Chubby Checker, Frankie Avalon, The Coasters, The Drifters, The Supremes, The Impressions, The Commodores, Peter Noone, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Three Dog Night, The Temptations, The Swinging Medallions and many more, The Great American Rock ‘n Roll Revival is truly a fun-filled Show for All Ages- it even features a Twist Contest!

So break out your Penny Loafers, crenolines and Poodle Skirts, put on your jeans and white T-shirts and grease up your hair, and

Be there or be square!


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