6-Week Learning to Draw Course with Darren Wesley aka The Viking

Gilmer Arts - Hawthorne Hall 207 Dalton St., Ellijay

Buy the Vikings Class Now! This class was to have started on Jan. 11th, but Darren had the idea that if he runs two classes concurrently, on Thursday evenings (Jan. 28th 5-7pm) and on Saturday mornings (Jan. 30th 10am-12pm) we can be convenient for those who Monday evening wasn't working for. The Viking is looking for people who say “I


Auditions at the Playhouse

George Link, Jr. Gilmer Arts Playhouse 135 Dalton St, Ellijay

Calling all thespians. Auditions are set for Tuesday and Wednesday, February 2nd & 3rd 6-8pm for "One of your Biggest Fans" This theatrical production has a cast of two, one male & one female. Perfect for a couple! Opening night is set for April 9, 2021 with maximum audience of 40. The lives of a cantankerous soap opera star and