Artist in Residence Program

Sponsored by Gilmer Fine Artists

The “Artist in Residence” program sponsored by the Gilmer Fine Artist group is a program developed to allow member artists to showcase their work in a studio environment by recreating their studio at Gilmer Arts, and to allow for a live demonstration of their talents while working on their original art. The program is open to all forms of visual arts for which the studio environment can be easily setup at Gilmer Arts. Artist participating in the program are encouraged to display their completed work and generate interest in the arts, to showcase the artistic talent in our area, and perhaps, sell some artwork. A maximum of two artists will be hosted per weekend.

This is to be an open environment in which the public and the artist may interact: allowing for question of the artist, for the artist to receive feedback, and to give the opportunity to the public to see the artistic process in action.

The program will be marketed to the community through the Chamber of Commerce calendar, piggybacking advertising for other events at Gilmer Arts, Facebook, Instagram, and placing fliers and placards in downtown businesses.

Artist will sign up to be at Gilmer Arts on Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday 12pm to 5pm, the 3rd weekend of each month. However, the program will begin with a 2-weekend launch during Apple Festival, moving to the 3rd weekend schedule in subsequent months.

Gilmer Arts member artists are invited to participate in the program by calling Gilmer Arts at 706.635.5605 to schedule their dates.  The application form is on the reverse of this document, or available at

A two-day event, generally, the 3rd weekend of the month (except during Apple Festival)

Schedule: Friday 10 AM to 5 PM, Saturday 12 PM to 5 PM

October 12 – 13 & 19 – 20

November 16 – 17

December No program during December

January 18 – 19

February 15 – 16

Then continuing monthly


Artist are expected to be on site for the duration of the weekend. Bring a sack lunch.  A host will be on site to provide break and lunch coverage